Thursday, November 20, 2008


This was frustrating because of all the very small lines at the bottom of the building. it was hard to measure all of the lines and then change the scales because some of them were so small and so close together. I like the way it looked before i did the Poche on the roof.

Floor Plan with lettering

Orthographic Cubes

Perspective cubes


perspective desk and rooms

This was sort of hard because i could not really figure out how to make things in perspective in the middle of the rooms so i ended up just putting things around the outside of the room near the walls to make it easier to put into one and two point perspective

Conveying Depth

I really like the way that the top, which was the second drawing on vellum turned out. I enjoyed having the freedom to place trees and bushes in different places and making it look more interesting. I like doing this type of drawing a lot more than floor plans and sections.

Floor Plan