Monday, September 29, 2008

A Box for 12 Twigs

the brown box at the top was my final project. the box that looks half covered with drafting tape was my first iteration and the black box was my second iteration. i am very happy with how my final box turned out in comparison to my first two. 

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Rain Boots

This was on a rainy day, it was cold and i was not in the mood to draw rain boots. but i did like the way the words rain boots turned out.

Drawing Layers

For this we were supposed to focus on drawing layers by drawing contours of our classmates across from us. i found this to be pretty hard.

Cross Contour

For this we had to draw chairs with cross contour. the bigger chair with larger sides was a lot easier to draw.

Drawing Logs

i like the way my logs turned out. this was at the beginning of class and we spent about twenty minutes drawing the logs

Drawing Architectural Detail

for this we had to pick three items and using our view finders draw them from three different distances. i used pen on sketching paper for this.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Light Fixtures

When we first started i didnt really use my viewfinder and i just was drawing the actual light fixtures disregarding what was around them. although i didnt do these right i like the way they turned out.

Light Fixtures

this is one of my favorite drawings that i did today when we used our view finders to draw light fixtures.

Architectural Hardware

this was my favorite drawing that i did of architectural hardware. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Studio Theory Hour

I found the lecture on sustainability and architecture 2030 to be very interesting. i like the way the speaker talked about humans being a storm and i found that it is a very good point that nothing can be constructive without being somewhat destructive aswell.

the speaker talked about the founder of architecture 2030. his name is edward mazria. the concept was adopted by the aia. the concept is to have fossil fuel reduction starting at 50% now, 60% by 2010, 70%by 2015 80%by 2020 90% by 2025 and 100% by 2030 which is why it is called architecture 2030. the idea is to produce as much carbon as we use.

One of the main points made was to get energy and carbon from sustainable sources like water, wind and the sun, these sources will never run out and they are free.

Another point of the lecture i found to be interesting was the idea that the greenest buildings are the ones that already exist. this was followed up by the idea of "long life loose fit" which means we need to create buildings that will be here for a long time and will be able to acomidate things that it was intentionally built for. if we create a building that can only be used for one certain thing then what good will it do us in the future.

In the lecture the speaker talked about different organizations like LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) which focuses on green building. it was interesting to learn about the proximity hotel

interim critique

Today we had our interim critique for our box for 12 twigs project. the most common issue for the projects over all was probably the craftsmanship. this is sort of ironic because we had to read an article about craftsmanship this week. For my own project this issue applies. i was told that i could use a black tape instead of coloring my cream colored tape black which is something i am going to investigate.
Another issue that we found in a lot of the projects was the focus, and relating to your precedent not too literally. if your precedent is a flower, it doesn't have to look exactly like a flower because that takes away from the focus of the 12 twigs which is what the project is really about.
One issue that we had in our critique was making sure everything had a reason, and everything related to each other. we had people saying that the reason why the did something was cause it looked cool, or they were playing around with paper and then it just happened. with my personal project i said that i made my box black and it looked like leather but that really didn't have anything to do with my 12 twigs or my precedent which was a CD case, so i have to find a reason for the surface of my box.
overall i think the issues that we came up with in the critique today will help me improve my project a lot. i have ideas now on how to change my box for the better and i got a lot of constructive feed back.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Monday, September 15, 2008

Contour Drawing

this was contour drawing of my neighbors desk. it was really hard for me to make straight solid lines and not sketch or shade.

Blind Contour Portraits

this was blind contour.

Negative space of Bike

the spokes were the hardest part for me.

Negative space of chairs

this was the first negative space drawing we did of a chair

Sunday, September 14, 2008

precedent for twig project

the precedent i found for my box for 12 twigs is a cd case. i am going to make my box small and short and have a lid that opens from the side much like a cd case. it holds the cd on the inside and when you open it you reveal the cd. the cd is held inside by something like my twigs will be in my box.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Place for a leaf first sketches

These are the first sketches that i made for my place for a leaf, I ended up changing my ideas completely.

Place for a Leaf

my place for a leaf

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Drawing Straight Lines

Drawing "straight" lines was harder than I thought

Drawing Hands

the top hand is my left hand drawn with my right hand and the bottom is my right hand drawn with my left hand

Tuesday, September 9, 2008



mess 3

this is my sink, it looked messy.

mess 2

this is a reusable grocery bag, some old suit cases and a record player stacked up with some other things on top of the record player and it looked messy so i drew it.


this was a mess i drew of my boots and book bag and purse laying on my floor

not lifting the pencil drawing

this was a drawing of my place for a leaf with out lifting my pencil from the paper