Monday, December 8, 2008

Drawing Peanuts


 These are some of my favorite pages from my peanut book. I made the book myself out of some small canvas boards and bristol board for the pages. I used a book that i got from an ART O MAT as inspiration for making the book. I didnt really use a lot of lettering through out the book so i made the last page a lettering page with a poem about peanuts written out three times in lettering. i really like the way that my peanut book turned out. 

Cleaning Up...alone!

Hannah and I were the only ones from the oasis group to help move the concrete pieces from the parking lot to the storage area. we along with Tristan Haley Rebecca sharon Kristina and Philip moved all the concrete pieces from all the groups even though some of the groups had none of their members out to help. We spent a little over an hour making multiple trips from the parking lot to the storage area. it seems like the same people who were out helping clean up were the same people who did the majority of the clean up when we moved our stuff from the inside storage area to the outside storage area. 



This is an image of our stepping stones. i helped add the texture and round off the edges of these particular stones. we had to add the texture ourselves to a lot of them because the natural texture made from the cardboard did not work on all the molds.

First Model.

This is a picture of the first model we made. we originally wanted to make pillars and a full path of stepping stones. We were told that the pillars would take a month to dry and we decided against a full pathway because there would be too many pieces to make.

Getting Molds and Getting started.

I got these images from our class blog The pictures of the shoe boxes are a bunch of boxes that Hannah and I collected at the mall. we went around to all the shoe stores asking to get their boxes. the other image shows the process of us using those boxes to create our stones


these are some pages from my sketchbook of notes that i took during in class discussions throughout the process of this project. there are a lot of notes and drawings and small sketches to show what we talked about in class.

Top View and Section

this was my top view and section drawing of our pieces. the top one shows the dimensions and shape and the over lay of tracing paper shoes the texture of our pieces.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Drawing Perspectives

the first time i drew the pictures i did not add enough detail and i didnt like the way the pencil smeared and looked dirty, so i redid all of them in pen and added a lot more detail and i like the way the second ones turned out.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


This was frustrating because of all the very small lines at the bottom of the building. it was hard to measure all of the lines and then change the scales because some of them were so small and so close together. I like the way it looked before i did the Poche on the roof.

Floor Plan with lettering

Orthographic Cubes

Perspective cubes


perspective desk and rooms

This was sort of hard because i could not really figure out how to make things in perspective in the middle of the rooms so i ended up just putting things around the outside of the room near the walls to make it easier to put into one and two point perspective

Conveying Depth

I really like the way that the top, which was the second drawing on vellum turned out. I enjoyed having the freedom to place trees and bushes in different places and making it look more interesting. I like doing this type of drawing a lot more than floor plans and sections.

Floor Plan

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Google Earth

This assignment was to find your house on google earth and draw a site plan for it. I found this to be very difficult because i had a hard time with the topo lines.

Site Plans

These are the two site plans we did in class the top one is with the buildings dark and the ground light and the bottom one is the buildings are light and the ground is dark. i think that the bottom one looks better because there is more detail.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


the top one is my second model and the bottom one is my final.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Thursday, October 23, 2008

dialog critique

how is dialog created?....
In my project the dialog was created by having two obvious spaces, one space was much smaller and was located inside of the larger space, also both of the spaces were very geometric. some of the other projects that people made created dialog in different ways. one was two separate pieces that looked exactly the same which created dialog when you put them together. Another project created dialog through proximity, when the pieces were together they created three spaces but as you made the proximity further apart it created two spaces.

How is a sense of space/place defined?...
In my project a sense of space was defined by two clearly open spaces. All of the projects had a sense of space in that the assignment was to create two spaces. some of the projects had larger and less defined spaces, some of the projects had clearly defined spaces.

How is the idea of system generated?...
In my project the idea of system was generated by the fact that my project was a bunch of the same pieces put together to form one piece.

How does the joinery support the project concept/strategies?...
The joinery is important in all the projects. the craft of the joinery played a large part in the quality and success of the projects. i fell that my dialog project had way better joinery that my unity project. it helped that we had the assignment to create a joint that would be used in our projects in the best craft possible. the joinery differed in each project for example my project was very planer and used glue, some of the projects joined using just the sticks and paper.

How is scale utilized in the project?...
Scale is utilized in my project in that i made one of the spaces larger than the other space, but not so much larger that they would not have an even dialog.

How do two dimensional images add to the understanding of the project?...
two dimensional drawings add a lot to all the projects. you are able to see more detail that you can not get with just the final model. some of the images showed the ideas that came before the project was finalized. the graphics show more of the concepts behind the project that you don't get from just looking at the projects.

How did the initial project idea evolve?...
My original idea turned out to be more like my final idea that my second iteration. my original idea was influenced a lot by my unity project in that i used glue to join the skewers and Bristol board. it was a lot smaller and more vertical than my unity project. My original was very bland it was a triangle and a parallelogram, i tried adding more to the conversation by folding the paper but it looked sloppy. my project evolved into a space inside of a space.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

twigs and cell phones

This was the last part of the assignment, we had to draw 4 drawings. these are my favorite two of the four drawings.

twigs and cell phones

this was when we had to draw 8 images. i like all the squares except the second one in the top row. i wish i would have left the twigs white and not made them solid black.

twigs and cell phones

for this one we had to draw 16 thumbnails. at this point i really started to layer both the twigs and the cell phones together in one box. i like the way this one turned out more than the drawing 8 squares.

twigs and cell phones

at this point we had to draw the sticks and cell phones combined 32 times. i like the way this turned out. by the time i finished this set of drawings i was getting more interested with combining and layering.

twigs and cell phones

this is the second part of the assignment when we had to draw the cell phones and twigs 64 times. i really like the way my cell phone thumbnails turned out because the contrast makes it really interesting. at this point you can still tell that they are drawings of cell phones.

twigs and cell phones

this is the first part of the process when we had to draw 16 pictures of twigs. these 6 were my favorite.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


This is my first dialog graphic.


These are my drawings for my unity project. The top left image is my graphic. i also put up the gesture drawings, contour drawing, plan, and elevation.