Friday, March 20, 2009

precedent analysis

ten drawings -

Aeriel view

exterior perspective - 2

interior perspective - 2

sections - 2

detail of interior hardware

detail of exterior hardware

north elevation

south elevation

1/8th inch scale ink on bond for all drawings

I - introduction
a. what the building is used for
b. when it was built
c. location

II. history of the building
a. old building that held the country music hall of fame
b. differences between old building and new building.

III - Exterior
a. who designed it
b. talk about the design firm
c. symbolic meaning behind exterior design

IV - interior
a. who designed the interior
b. what the interior represents and why it was made the way that it is

V. - conclusion
a. commodity firmness and delight

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j.foster. said...

what happened with opus 7?